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PVC Bendit - Click Here

PVC Bendit is offered in several different diameters and lengths. This is the ultimate tool for bending PVC and other thermoplastic pipes and sheets. The lengths shown always refer to the “net bendable length” of the unit. PVC Bendit includes Bend Station, gloves, and timer.
Note -The Hot Tool is no longer available.

Sleeves - Click Here

Metal sleeves are available for inserting in PVC Pipe sizes that are considerably larger than the outside diameter of the PVC Bendit. There are two main uses for the sleeve. One is to increase the heating diameter of the PVC Bendit and the other is for internal support during bending to help reduce or prevent wall collapse.

Extra Bend Station

Click Here

The BendStation houses the bender when in use. It provides a safe environment for the bending process, as well as acting as a thermal barrier which decreases bend times dramatically.

Note: BendStations are 3" in length. One 3' BendStation comes with the 3' A & B. Two come with the 6' A & B and three come with the 9' A & B.

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